UltiDuo Tournament [27-28 Dec 2013]

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    What's UltiDuo?
    Ultiduo is a battle between Soldier and Medic Pairs on a special king-of-the-hill map testing both teamwork and strategy.


    Allowed Weapons:

    Medic: Medi Gun (Kritzkrieg is NOT allowed), Blutsauger, Crusader's Crossbow, Bonesaw, Ubersaw
    Soldier: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel, Equalizer, Frying Pan

    Map: koth_ultiduo_r_b7 (Download)


    Predicted Match Timings:

    Starting time: 03:00 PM (GMT+04:00) 27/12/2013
    End Time: 08:00 PM (GMT+04:00). It may very likely end sooner.
    Semi-finals & Finals will be played on the next day at 04:00 PM (GMT+04:00)
    Brackets will be posted as a reply on this thread by one of the head admins an hour before the starting time.
    It is advised to stay online until your games are over.
    If a Team doesn't show up for 10 minutes after being asked by admin, the opponent gets a walkover.

    The Reserves list:

    A Reserve is a player without any team (mercenary).
    The reserves must signup on the registrations thread if they wish to substitute for any of the players.
    The reserve must be requested and approved by an admin before being brought in the server.

    Ping Issues

    We are not responsible for a sudden change in pings to the server!!
    We will be playing on the Que Club Servers which are located in Dubai, U.A.E. (If changed, you will be notified in advance)

    Sportsmanlike Conduct

    Any trash talking, degrading marks, in-game taunting is allowed (chat taunting is not), etc. will not be allowed during the matches. We are holding you responsible for what you say. Although we get this is a fun and competitive event, please keep the words to yourself.

    UPDATE: Servers, SourceTV & Livestream

    No one apart from admins and the players who have the match scheduled for that time are allowed in the server!
    You can watch the games live with commentary by some of the local mid east players on Twitch (Yes, In English!)
    You can practise or check your ping on one of our servers (courtesy of Que Club Dubai) queclub.mooo.com:27098

    The Tournament Games will most likely be played on that server and a secondary server with SourceTV running.

    Please keep rechecking this post for any updates such as livestream, brackets, timings etc.

    To Register, Click Here.
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    Brackets Finalized: Click Here

    To accomodate for 18 teams some of you will have to play some extra games. Normally it'd be teams that signed up late or last but since we have to go through each of them to verify and then post its not accurate to say who signed up before or later. So the seeds were randomized to see who will play the extra games.

    The Tournament will be Double Elimination so everyone will have atleast 2 games to play!

    Countdown Timer till start: Here

    Approximate Timings for each Match (Refer to the Brackets Link)
    Matches in Red will be played on Que Club Dubai AsiaFortress/MEFortress.com AE #6 | UltiDuo (IP - queclub.mooo.com:27098)
    Matches in Blue will be played on TTEsports Cafe Dubai - UltiDuo (IP - )

    Day 1 27/12/2013 (GMT+4)

    Round 1

    Match A: 3:00 PM
    Match B: 3:30 PM
    Match C: 3:00 PM

    Round 2

    Match D: 3:30 PM
    Match E: 4:00 PM
    Match F: 4:00 PM
    Match G: 4:30 PM
    Match H: 4:30 PM
    Match I: 5:00 PM
    Match J: 5:00 PM
    Match K: 5:30 PM
    Losers Round 1

    Match U: 5:30 PM
    Match V: 6:00 PM
    Match W: 6:00 PM
    Losers Round 2

    Match X: 6:00 PM
    Match Y: 6:30 PM
    Match Z: 6:30 PM

    Match AA: 7:00 PM

    Round 3

    Match L: 7:00 PM
    Match M: 7:30 PM
    Match N: 7:30 PM
    Match O: 8:00 PM

    Round 4

    Match P: 8:00 PM
    Match Q: 8:30 PM

    Day 2 28/12/2013 (GMT+4)

    Losers Round 3

    Match AB: 4:00 PM
    Match AC: 4:00 PM
    Match AD: 4:30 PM
    Match AE: 4:30 PM

    Losers Round 4

    Match AF: 5:00 PM
    Match AG: 5:00 PM

    Losers Round 5

    Match AH: 5:30 PM
    Match AI: 5:30 PM

    Losers Round 6

    Match AJ: 6:00 PM

    Semi Finals

    Match R: 6:30 PM

    Match AK: 7:00 PM


    Match S: 7:30 PM

    Match T: 8:00 PM
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